Wednesday, August 28, 2019

AP US History 2019-2020

AP US HISTORY ~ 2019-2020 Syllabus

Instructor:  Mrs. Sonya Trosper
Classroom: 126
Office Phone:  (360) 491-2966, ext. 126

In-Class Materials:
Primary Textbook: Kennedy, David. The American Pageant, 14th Edition.   
***Binder for with a section for notes, handouts, and tests

Course Description:
Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) is designed as a survey of American history from the era of exploration to the present day that examines the nations’ political, diplomatic, intellectual, cultural, social, and economic history.  A variety of instructional approaches will be employed and a college level textbook will be supplemented by primary and secondary sources.  The amount of reading and writing in this class is intense, and students must be prepared to spend dedicated time outside of class on homework.   Students will be expected to take the AP Exam on Friday, May 8th!   

Class Rules:
No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of anyone in this classroom.  Beverages with a lid are allowed.

Class Website:
Major course documents, such as the syllabus will be available on the blog:  This page will be updated with information about assignment due dates, class activities, helpful resources, etc.

Quizzes and Tests:
Students should plan on having some type of quiz over each chapter or set of chapters.  There will be an exam at the end of each unit.  The format of the exam will be similar to the actual AP Exam. 

Class Notes:
You must have textbook notes and they must be your own.  It is considered cheating if you use another student's notes.  It is unacceptable to use study outlines in place of the notes you take from reading the textbook.  Please use the Cornell Note Taking Format.  Keep notes from previous chapters in your binder.

Students must be seated and ready to work when the bell rings. Please do not ask to go to the restroom during class. If you have been ill and require special restroom privileges, talk to me or have a parent email me. Often the content of class discussions will show up on tests and quizzes. Therefore, it is important that you talk to your classmates to find out what was discussed if you are absent.

Grading Policy:
Late Assignments
All work is due on the date assigned. Work turned in one day late will receive 50% credit. After this, no late work is accepted. Missing assignments will show a zero in the grade book and will cause a grade to drop. 

Make Up Work
If you have an excused absence for illness, you have a grace period equal to the number of days of your absence in order to complete the work assigned in class on those days. (Ex: if you miss two days of class, you have two days to complete the work.)  You are responsible for scheduling a time to take missed tests/quizzes within a week of your return and for getting your own make-up work on the first day back from your absence.  Assignments that are due on the date of an excused absence are due upon returning from the absence. You will not be given extended time on previously assigned papers, essays, and projects unless you receive permission. This is for exceptional situations, not a cold or the flu.
If you know you will be missing school for vacations, appointments, or other activities, it is your responsibility to get your assignments beforehand as soon as you know you will be gone. Work is due upon your return to class.

School-Related Absences: If you know you will be leaving school early for sport meets/games, doctor/dentist appointments, etc. you are still responsible for turning in your work before you leave campus and for getting your new assignments before you leave campus.
An unexcused absence will receive a zero on all class work, participation, homework due, and homework assigned for that day.

Grading Scale & Components
Grading in this class is on a total points system, with the weight in the point value of the assignment. All assignments are grouped into the following categories: Daily work (45% of overall grade) and Tests/Quizzes (55% of overall grade).

 A      93-100%
A-     90-92%
B+    88-89%
B      82-87%
B-     80-81%
C+    78-79%
C     72-77%
C-    70-71%
D+   68-69%
D     62-67%
D-    60-61%
F      0-59%

In the event of cheating or plagiarism, the student will immediately fail the assignment. Additional consequences will be decided by the administration.

Cheating includes: direct copying of assignments, copying or use of cheat-sheets on tests, and turning in any work that is not solely one’s own

Plagiarism includes: copying texts without citing the sources, using someone else’s intellectual work without giving him/her credit, papers purchased or downloaded from the Internet, and papers written or revised by another student, past or present

Unless specifically told otherwise, assume that all work must be completed individually. When permitted to work together, it is NOT acceptable to have word-for-word matching answers on separate assignments unless previously authorized by the teacher

Student and Parent Agreement—DUE Tuesday, September 10, 2019

By signing this document, I affirm that I understand the policies set forth by NCHS as well as those added by the A.P. U.S. History instructor, specifically, the policy on plagiarism, the grading and late work policy, and the course schedule. I agree to abide by the school and class rules. I have read, I understand, and I accept the academic responsibilities of this course.

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